History of Frericks and Howard, L.P.A.


       Frericks and Howard, L.P.A. can trace its roots back to the time of World War II. After returning from service in the U.S. Navy in 1945, Theodore P. Frericks began practicing law in Marion, Ohio. He joined with Henry A. Mickley to form Mickley & Frericks. Their office was located on the second floor of the old Fahey Bank building in downtown Marion. 

       In 1954, Ralph W. Howard joined the firm, creating Mickley, Frericks, & Howard. When Mr. Mickley retired, the firm became known as Frericks and Howard.

       In 1968 Frericks and Howard moved its offices to its current location at 152 E. Center St. (the corner of State St. and Center St.) in downtown Marion. At that time, the historic building at that location was totally renovated into a state of the art law office. In the 1880’s and 1890’s, the building was used as the office of Prentice and Vail Photographers. Shortly after that in the 1910’s, the building housed a dentist office. It has also been a doctor’s office and a grocery store and carry-out. One thing that has not changed since the 1800’s is the building’s distinctive roof outline. Now occupying the building at 152 E. Center St. for more than 40 years, the law offices of Frericks and Howard have become a staple of downtown Marion. 

       Over the years Frericks and Howard has provided and continues to provide quality legal representation to a wide range of clients from individuals and small local businesses to large national and international manufacturers.